To our CharmingShoppe family,

15 years ago my husband Tony and I signed our first lease on a small space in Anaheim, and moved our growing online store out of our guest bedroom and into a “real” shop location.

We had some lucky breaks in those early years, and were able to grow our tiny online CharmingShoppe website into a brick-and-mortar store, twice expanding into larger locations. That growth brought us to Old Towne Orange in 2005, where we opened the CharmingShoppe you know today.

We’ve seen some big changes to the world of specialty retail in the decade that we’ve been in business here in Orange. We’ve watched as key manufacturers and distributors have gone through bankruptcy, reorganizations, or out of business completely.

We’ve seen the growth of online shopping – and discounting – explode. We’ve found ourselves competing for sales with vendors who have opened their own flagship stores or websites.

We’ve also weathered the great recession, and watched as our retail neighbors shut their doors and moved on to other pursuits.

Sadly, it is our time to follow their lead, and CharmingShoppe is now closed.

This letter was incredibly difficult to write, and something we put off as long as possible because we’ve hoped there was some way, some one more thing we could do or try to stay in business here in Orange. Putting the words on paper makes it real, makes it final.

This is not a decision we’ve made lightly, and we know how disappointed many of our loyal customers will be.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your support. The relationships we’ve built with our employees and our customers are what have made this so much more than a business to us, and are what make it so hard for us to say “so long for now.”